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Game List for the NINTENDO VIRTUAL BOY Section


Note most in alphabetical order – extras at end of list 

Bound High! (Proto)
 Galactic Pinball [USA]
 Insmouse no Yakata [Japan]
 Jack Bros [USA]
 Mario's Tennis [USA]
 Nester's Funky Bowling [USA]
 NikoChan Battle [Japan]
 Red Alarm [USA]
 SD Gundam - Dimension War [Japan]
 Space Invaders - Virtual Collection [Japan]
 Space Squash [Japan]
 Teleroboxer [USA]
 Vertical Force [USA]
 Virtual Bowling [Japan]
 Virtual Boy Wario Land [USA]
 Virtual Fishing [Japan]
 Virtual Lab [Japan]
 Virtual League Baseball [USA]
 V-Tetris [Japan]
 Waterworld [USA]
 3D Tetris [USA]
 Golf [USA]
 Mario Clash [USA]
 Panic Bomber [USA]